New construction in Utrecht Science Park: student complex High Five
27 juni 2022

The Student Housing Foundation (SSH) is going to build a student complex at Utrecht Science Park. The SSH gave the building the name ‘High Five’ since it is their fifth student complex in Utrecht Science Park. The building will be 74 meters high and consists of 2 towers. The lower part of the building is connected. This consists of catering and study places. The towers will house independent student rooms and student rooms with shared facilities.

New gene identified in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy by Hubrecht Institute
23 juni 2022

Researchers from the group of Eva van Rooij used advanced sequencing technology to better understand the heart disease arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy, in which heart muscle tissue is replaced by fat cells. Using explanted human hearts, they found regions in which heart muscle was actively degenerated and identified a new gene, ZBTB11, that drives heart muscle cell degradation. The results were published in Cardiovascular Research on 17 May 2022.

Visit the Solar Butterfly at Utrecht Science Park, the first solar-powered tiny house to travel the world Add to calendar
23 juni 2022

On 27 June from 3pm onwards, Utrecht University welcomes the Solar Butterfly to Utrecht Science Park. The Solar Butterfly is the world’s first solar-powered tiny home to travel around the world. Its wings are covered with 80 m2 of solar cells. In the upcoming four years, the Solar Butterfly team will visit 1000 projects in 4 years on 6 continents to interview sustainability pioneers and spread the word about their innovative climate solutions. As our ambition at Utrecht University is that we’ll lead the way to a more innovative and sustainable future, the campus cannot be missed in the itinerary of the Solar Butterfly tour!

Spinoza and Stevin Prize for Tanja van der Lippe and Corné Pieterse
20 juni 2022

The highest awards in Dutch academia, the Spinoza and Stevin Prize, have been awarded to Utrecht University researchers Tanja van der Lippe and Corné Pieterse. The prizes both comprise a 2,5 million euro funding, provided by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

Dutch government invests 42 million Euros in CROP-XR institute
13 juni 2022

Over the next ten years, the Dutch government will invest 42 million euros in CROP-XR, a new, virtual institute aimed at developing agricultural crops that are more resistant to climate change and less dependent on plant protection products. The Dutch Cabinet announced the investment, made from its National Growth Fund, today.

HU takes a major step towards a combined pedagogy and primary school teacher training programme
8 juni 2022

For many years, the number of primary school teachers has been dwindling. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht aims to help solve this problem by offering a double Bachelor's programme in Ecological Pedagogy and Primary School Teacher Training. 'By offering a combination of these two Bachelor's programmes, we will boost the number of trained professionals and give them a more comprehensive training background, with solid skills in both pedagogy and teaching', explains Anton Boonen, educational innovation portfolio holder for the HU Primary School Teacher Training team.

Prestigious Leducq Scholarship for Hester den Ruijter
8 juni 2022

Hester den Ruijter, professor of cardiovascular disease in women at UMC Utrecht, together with Mete Civilek (University of Virginia), has received a 7.5 million euro Leducq grant from the Leducq foundation. The grant was awarded to the consortium for research on sex differences in arterial calcification. Hester is EU coordinator of this international network.