HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht seeks to promote innovation, standards in professional practice, and the development of talent through high-quality education and research. Our students include not only new entrants to the labour market, but also professionals who are already in employment and wish to update, refine, expand or deepen their existing knowledge and skills. After all, there will always be a need for professionals who wish to maintain the best possible knowledge and skills set.

HU University of Applied Sciences believes that as well as excellent tuition, students also need research in order to become accomplished professionals. The nature of our research is practical: we help companies and institutions to find solutions for a wide variety of complex issues. It generates new knowledge and insights for the relevant professional field and for our teaching activities. As such, all our activities take place within the triangle that is formed by education, research and professional practice.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is firmly rooted in the Utrecht region, with its strong, dynamic economic motor and a high proportion of knowledge workers. Within the Utrecht region, we work closely with large and small companies, other knowledge institutions, partners in the education chain and government bodies, for the purposes of both research and teaching. As such, we provide as a major contribution to the competitiveness of the region.



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